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How a Clean Restaurant Can Increase Your Customer Base

A clean restaurant is definitely a crowd pleaser. Coming into an establishment to eat that has dirty floors, windows and washrooms, does not appeal to ones appetite. That is why ensuring you have someone overseeing your restaurant cleaning needs is imperative to maintain and even increasing your customer base.

Also, keep in mind that it is not only the customers who are looking on, but also the Health Board of Canada who will be watching to ensure you meet their cleanliness standards.

Creating a Welcoming and Clean Environment

It is said that – on average – a restaurant will only stay in business for between 7 to 10 years. Although this might seem like awaiting doom, you can and should make the most of your time as a restaurant owner, both with enjoying the business you set out to have, as well as by creating the best possible environment for your customers.

Keep your restaurant repaired and clean, and looking like an establishment your dining crowd would want to bring their mother in-law to. Dirty baseboards and floors stand out, and those types of oversights can taint the overall experience of those dining at your restaurant, so don’t allow small details such as these from retaining your customer base.

Women especially, will decide if they will return to a restaurant based on how clean the washroom is, so make sure you have a plan to service this area on a regular basis.

Your customers should rave about your restaurant based on their meal, and that should not be overshadowed by the appearance of a dirty space.

As a professional restaurant cleaners in the Lower Mainland, we can help you maintain all areas of your establishments cleanliness. We understand that every restaurant has different cleaning needs, and run at different hours and on different days, so we create a flexible schedule around the hours and days that work for our customers, and ensure we take into account your budget as well.

At Canadian Top Line, we pride ourselves in impeccable service, and creating an impeccable environment for your place of business. We look forward to helping you maintain your restaurant, and improve your customer’s overall experience!

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