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A Clean School = A Healthy School

Ensuring you maintain a clean environment in any public place is important for health reasons. But increasingly so when it comes to schools. The wellbeing and safe keeping of children is one of the main priorities of most schools, and cleanliness is part of that process and the expectations of parents.

A healthy learning environment is an environment that will keep children well enough to come to their daily place of learning. Kids already wrestle against the germ sharing that goes on in general …with a lack of hand-washing, toy sharing etc. But by keeping the floors clear of dust that can trap bacteria, and the washrooms free of germs, is a great starting to point in ensuring there is no added risk of health concerns in your school.

With a lot of cleaning companies turning to “green cleaning” products, it has raised the debate on whether traditional cleaning methods and products are still safe for our environment …including our children.

Asthma is an overly common chronic illness a lot of children suffer from. As such, many things can set off an asthma attack, and for those who are really sensitive – that includes any air-born chemicals.

At Canadian Top Line Ltd, our services provide peace of mind, while still ensuring your school is left clean, ensuring it is a healthy environment in which to work and play. And we offer full Janitorial Cleaning Services for all types of schools, colleges and universities at all hours of the day.

We have experienced and well-trained employees who will ensure that your schools will be clean and tidy day to day.

Our School Cleaning Services include:

  • Sweeping and mopping all non carpeted areas
  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas
  • Removal of trash and recycling
  • Clean all tables, desks, counters
  • Cleaning kitchen and eating areas
  • Cleaning all washrooms

The results of ensuring your school is cleaned properly, with the care and attention to detail it requires, will ensure your student body and staff incur less sick days, and maintain a healthy standing.

At Canadian Top Line Ltd., we’re here to help your environment stay clean …let us know how we can help you!

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