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A Clean Working Environment Improves Productivity

As your office-cleaning specialists in Surrey, we know that a clean environment can better improve the productivity of your office. And if your productivity improves, likely too does your revenue!

In addition, those who are coming into your place of business will feel more inclined to buy your product or service if they are witnessing a clean and healthy environment. As we all know, you don’t have a second chance for a first impression, so keeping your office space in prime condition is imperative in attracting customers.

The Benefits of a Clean Office

A clean office offers a more sanitized working environment for your employees, creating less likelihood for health concerns. Whether that’s seasonal sickness or allergies, keeping germs and dust at bay will help to keep everyone breathing easy.

A clean office offers a longer shelf life for your carpets, wood flooring, tile surfaces, and equipment – guarding against excessive wear from uncleanly conditions.

A clean office helps to attract customers, and sets a higher standard for your competitors.

Our Full Janitorial Services Include:

  • Stripping Floors
  • Wash / Wax of Tile Flooring
  • Buffing
  • Power Scrubbing
  • Power Wash
  • Mopping
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Entrance and Elevator Lobbies
  • Dusting
  • Emptying Garbage’s
  • Cleaning of Walls and Ceilings
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning Venetians
  • Cleaning Appliances
  • Sanitizing Washrooms
  • Cleaning Light Fixtures
  • Sanitizing Washrooms
  • Window Cleaning

Canadian Top Line Provides the art and science of janitorial cleaning services to a broad spectrum of industries including: administrative offices, medical offices and bio labs, manufacturing plants, retail stores, auto dealerships, food service outlets, hotels and banks.

We service all businesses in the Greater Vancouver area including Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Abbotsford, and beyond.

For more information about our office cleaning services please contact us by phone at 604-594-1539, or by filling in the contact form on our contact page

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