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Commercial Cleaning Factors to Consider for your Restaurant

Not all restaurants have the same commercial cleaning needs. That is why, at Canadian Top Line, we take into consideration each restaurant individually.

Your restaurants cleanliness is imperative in order to stay in business – both from a health code standpoint, as well as a customer’s personal experience. But it is important to take into account your needs before hiring a professional restaurant cleaning service in the Lower Mainland.

Maintenance Needs

Every restaurant has different maintenance requirements. Understanding your most time-consuming needs, as it pertains to cleaning, will help you offload these chores onto qualified cleaners. Knowing if you require daily, weekly, or bi-monthly cleaning, will also help your commercial cleaning company to better schedule you in, and quote you accurately on pricing.

Trained to Clean

If anyone could maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant, you would likely have your staff take charge of such things, but the truth is – not everyone has the attention to detail and qualifications of most professional cleaning companies. By hiring someone who is trained to clean, they will have the right tools and abilities to do so in a quick and efficient manner …which will end up being more cost-effective in the long run too.

Meet the Team

Knowing who will be cleaning your establishment from week to week will help you keep them and your restaurant on task. Relationships are imperative – both with your customers, as well as your staff …even the outsourced ones! It helps to maintain consistency and also helps you know what to expect from week to week.

Schedule the Team

Whether it’s restaurant staff, or your cleaning staff, keeping to a schedule will ensure quality work is being conducted week after week, with no uncertain terms involved, and no interruption to regular business hours.

Terms & Procedures

Make sure to discuss the terms of employments with your professional cleaners. The required or disallowed tools or solutions they can or cannot use based on allergies or environmental concerns, as well as time restrictions, business closure days etc. And be sure to discuss your expectations in terms of what needs cleaning when, and to what degree.

At Canadian Top Line, we pride ourselves in impeccable service, and recommended workmanship. We look forward to helping you maintain your restaurant, and improve your customers’ experience!

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