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The Cost Saving Measures of Pressure Washing

As we wrote about in our last blog post, pressure washing your property can add to the value and marketability of your retail space.

In addition to this, however, it also provides preventative measures with regularly scheduled exterior pressure washing.

Just as you would maintain your teeth with regular checkups to the dentist, your place of business requires regular maintenance as well. Season after season your building is barraged by the elements. Everything from dirt, to leaves, to moss, to creepy crawlies …have all taken a liking to your siding and cement walls.

So what’s the solution?

Safety Measures from Allergens and Accidents

Contaminants and allergens come in many forms in and around your workplace. Whether it is mold, mildew or algae …all these potential health hazards can build up on the exterior of your business, and creep their way in through the walls as well.

By pressure washing your business and the area surrounding it, it will keep all of these health hazards at bay, and prevent them from growing and spreading.

In addition, slippery substances can build up on your concrete around your workplace, which can require more than a spray down with a garden hose. Especially if you have the elderly as customers coming into your business, these types of slipping concerns due to sidewalk substances can truly result in serious harm

Pressure Wash Before Pre-Pool Fun

With pool season creeping closer with every sunny day that passes, having Canadian Top Line Inc. come in to pressure wash your public pool deck and surrounding area, will ensure that -come pool season- you can open your pool gate and allow the summer fun to begin in a clean and safe environment.

Mildew and algae are at greater risk around anything consistently wet, and a pool area contains the perfect breeding ground for these types of properties to grow. So keep it clean with pressure washing, and let the fun begin!

A Clean Roof Over Your Head

Replacing a roof is both a backbreaking and bank-breaking experience. So safeguard against such things by having your roof regularly maintained with our pressure washing service. It will safe you time and money in the end.

So whether it’s safety, cleanliness, or longevity, pressure washing can provide a myriad of helpful benefits to business owners. Call us to find out how we can make your business sparkle!

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