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Deep Clean Your Carpets for Better Health

Could your school or office benefit from a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service? Often time’s allergens are lurking in the deep-rooted dirt, dust and dampness within your carpets, causing staff and students to fall ill unnecessarily. That is why having your carpets maintained regularly is important part to keeping your school or office clean, germ free, and allergy-resistant.

Dusty Carpets and Allergies

Although your carpets might appear clean, heavy traffic areas inevitably lead to a lot of compact dirt and dust sitting idle within your carpets, most of which a vacuum cannot get to. Not only can this cause allergens to become airborne but it can also cause undue wear and tear on your carpets. Left untreated, this could lead to you having to replace your carpets entirely if mold spores begin to form in the underlay.

So not only does maintenance play an important role in keeping allergies away, it also prevents you from having to replace your carpet and keep more severe health risks at bay also.

Appearance Is Everything

No one wants to walk into a “dirty” school or place of business. It sends the wrong message and dissuades people from using your services or attending your institution. So maintaining your carpets with a professional carpet cleaning service will keep your carpets looking as good as new and have customers unconcerned by your cleanliness.

How to Maintain Your Carpets Between Cleanings

Ideally, it is important to vacuum your carpets daily in order to keep them fresh, clear of dust and prevent compacted dirt. This will minimize the frequency of needing your carpets professionally cleaned and under those conditions we recommend you have your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

In addition, be sure to find out how often the manufacturer of your carpet recommends it should be cleaned.

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