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The Health Benefits to a Clean Space

Cleaning is not the most enjoyable task for everyone, which is why at Canadian Top Line Inc. we take the cleaning to-do list off your busy schedule, and tackle your “dirty jobs” with pleasure!

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a clean space, a clean environment reduces allergens and bacteria that can cause illness, while also reducing stress and increasing mental alertness.

Clean Space = Stress Reduction

A clutter-free and clean space means less mental clutter, which – in turn – means less mental stress. The more our minds can be free of distraction, the less overwhelmed we become.

Clean Space = Reduced Allergies

In this day and age, many of us are allergic to many things. From foods to flowers, grains to grass, dust to dogs …the triggers are plentiful, and alleviating these allergies seems like a constant battle.

Often, in high-traffic areas, allergies are caused due to dust mites. And unfortunately, allergens of any type, can further impact one’s overall allergies. Creating a clean space for you, your employees, students, clients etc. …will reduce daily sneezing and sniffling, itchy eyes and runny nose, and ensure that dust is not further triggering seasonal allergies.

Keeping space dust free by regular vacuuming, dusting, floor washing and surface cleaning, will have everyone breathing easier and sneezing less.

Clean Space = Improved Concentration

Multi-tasking is something a lot of us pride ourselves in, but when our concentration is impeded by allergies or a “dirty” space, it’s hard to keep our minds on the task at hand.

Focus can be greatly affected if an individual is sidetracked by the dust bunny that is growing in daily, and causing them both physical (allergies) and mental (clutter) distractions.

Being able to prioritize our time, without being bogged down by dust bunnies, just makes sense. And at Canadian Top Line Ltd., we’re here to ensure those bunnies only come out in chocolate form over the Easter month of April.

Allow us to help you keep your space a clean and productive environments. Feel free to call us anytime, and we look forward to assisting you on this matter!

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