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Healthy Schools, Students and Staff for 2015

Ensuring your school is always at its optimal best – as far as cleanliness is concerned – will better ensure healthy students and staff members throughout the school season.

Retaining your staff without them having to call in regularly for sick days, helps to minimize the cost of bringing in additional help, and also keeps the kids on track with their studies.

Similarly, ensuring your student body is largely healthy and attending class daily, will keep the students on track with their work, and ensure they are developing the required education set out by the provincial government.

A “Germ-Free” (resistant) School

Many factors go into keeping a school “germ-free” or more accurately put – germ-resistant. From hand washing to staying home when a child or staff member is in fact sick, to having the school regularly and properly maintained.

At Canadian Top Line, we offer a full range of Janitorial Cleaning Services for all types of learning institutions including: grade schools, colleges and universities. Our hours are flexible and we have the experienced and well-trained employees who will ensure that your school will be cleaned properly on a daily basis.

Our School Cleaning Services include:

  • Sweeping and mopping all non carpeted areas
  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas
  • Removal of trash and recycling
  • Cleaning of all tables, desks, counters
  • Cleaning kitchen and eating areas
  • Cleaning all washrooms

Having a properly maintained school for 2015 will help your student body and staff incur less sick days, and maintain a healthy standing throughout the school – keeping students and staff alike in a more productive environment.

At Canadian Top Line Ltd., we would love to help you regain and maintain a healthy environment for your students and staff this coming year. So call us today, and start your new year off right!

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