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Implementing Recycling Programs In Your Organization

As we mentioned in our last blog post, having a recycling program in place for your school, restaurant, or place of business, can save your organization both time and money in the long-run …in addition to helping the environment. So here are some helpful and efficient ways to implement a “Reduce Reuse Recycle” program.


By setting your printers and photocopiers to print on both sides of a sheet of paper, you literally cut your paper trail in half.

By implementing online billing you eliminate a paper trail altogether.

By encouraging your staff to use electronic calendars instead of paper agendas to keep track of their daily to-do’s, you cut down again on paper, as well as office supply costs.


By reusing paper for say – school art projects (think paper mache), that would have otherwise been discarded, you can generate some really fun ideas and implement a reuse methodology.

By recycling toner cartridges back your supplier, they will often give you a discount on refills. This saves the environment and your supplies budget.

By encouraging your staff to use reusable coffee mugs for their Starbucks trips, you can cut down on paper waste.

By using rechargeable batteries for the items in your office that require such things, you minimize cost and landfill issues. Also, ensure you are discarding of your batteries properly (see below for how to do so).


Ensure you have recycle and compost bins in the appropriate areas of your organization for easy usage, so that your staff has no excuse not to utilize the program in place.

For additional tips on how to implement recycling programs for your organization, see the list of links below…

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  • Find out more about Creating a Paper Reduction Campaign In Your Office.

At Canadian Top Line, we know that an eco-friendly workplace gives your staff, students, and customers further purpose and incentives. So check back with us in December, as we finish off the year providing you with more tips on how to make your organization an earth-friendly place to work at, study from, eat at, or purchase from!

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