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he Office Kitchen and “The Dishwasher”

The dishwasher is often a point of contention in an office or school environment. The rules of who should fill it and who should empty it – is often left as a grey area. But regardless of who maintains the dishes going in and out of it, cleaning the office dishwasher should not be an area that is ignored.

Cleaning and maintaining your office dishwasher will ensure its longevity, and also ensure that the dishes are being cleaned properly. And we understand it might seem “ironic” that you need to clean an appliance used to clean, but the fact of the matter is – you do.

Dishwashers, if left unattended, can become grimy, dirty, and ineffective. Your dishwasher can become clogged with grease that has hardened, grime that is being sprayed onto your dishes, and bits of food that are simply not being washed down the drain.

So at Canadian Top Line, we thought we would provide you some dishwasher cleaning tips that will help keep your office dishwasher cleaning properly, and for years to come.

Firstly, prep your dishwasher for cleaning by ensuring it is fully empty of all contents. Then gather up vinegar, soap and some sort of small scrubbing device – like a toothbrush. You will also need a (clean) sponge, a dry towel, and some very hot water.

Now let’s get to work…

Clean the door from the front section, all the way over to the sides – using the products above. Then address the inside of the dishwasher. It is likely food particles are lacing the drain, or perhaps even stuck in it. Clear away all debris and leftover food, and scrub away the grease and grime.

Secondly, fill a dishwasher-safe cup with vinegar, place it on the top rack, and run a full cycle using the hottest water possible. The vinegar vapor will act as a natural disinfectant as the dishwasher goes through it’s cleaning cycles.

After these fairly simple steps, your dishwasher should look clean, and run clean – leaving no more residues on your dishes. Repeat this process once every month, and double your efforts by asking your staff to thoroughly rinse their dishes before putting them in – or they might be subject to cleaning duty. Problem solved!

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