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Tips for Cleaning Your Commercial Space

Cleaning your commercial space without the assistance of hiring an outside cleaning company, takes some serious effort by business owners and employees alike. If your company chooses to use this method to maintain the cleanliness of your company space, there are a few things to keep in mind.

High traffic areas mean more dirt is being tracked in – among other things – and in order to maintain a clean environment, everyone will need to be aware of the rules.

Establish Clear Rules

It’s not that humans are “unruly” by nature, but if your staff is unaware of the rules, they cannot be expected to adhere to them. So ensure you have a clear list of “clean up after yourself” rules posted where all the staff can see, and make sure they are aware of this list upon any new hires.

Perhaps during weekly meetings, check in with your staff to see if they feel the office is being maintained appropriately. From the kitchen space, to the washrooms, to the hallways, and even their own personal offices and cubicles …keeping your staff involved in the conversation means keeping them content in their surroundings.

Schedule Seasonal Cleanups

Although the day-to-day cleaning can be maintained in a fairly decent fashion, having your staff take part in seasonal cleanups can help you get to the “deep down” dirt and grime that gets swept under the carpets or left in the corners.

From windows, to fridge cleaning, to re-organizing your office space, seasonal cleanups can better help your business maintain a professional appearance.

Don’t Miss the Details

Canadian Top Line is well aware of the important details that go into truly cleaning an office space effectively. Proper sanitization is often overlooked when you have your staff pitching in on the cleaning efforts.

Although you can never fully ensure a sanitized bathroom and kitchen when handing off the dirty work to your staff members, keeping a sanitized space can be better ensured if you have hand sanitizer available at key “germ areas” …such as the kitchen, bathroom, and entrance/reception area.

Also, floor mats at the entranceways from all your outside doorways, can help keep mud and dirt to a restricted area. Along with recycle bins at photocopy stations, in the lunchroom, and at each desk, will help keep your business in better order.

If, as the business owner, you have found that keeping your professional space looking clean and feeling sanitized has been a hardship, consider calling in the professionals.

At Canadian Top Line, we are well versed in cleaning …so allow us to help, and alleviate your cleaning concerns as you move forward into a fresh spring season!

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