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Top Pressure Washing Benefits

Professional Pressure Washing can increase the curb appeal of your place of business exponentially.

With a squeaky clean exterior, you can better attract customers looking for your product or service. If potential customers pulling into your place of business can trust the look of your company from the outside, they are sure to venture inside.

At Canadian Top Line, we provide pressure washing and sweeping in the Lower Mainland, for your business parking lot or company exterior walls. We ensure that all areas are left spotless and clear of debris, and provide daily, weekly, or monthly pressure washing and sweeping services at all hours of the day.

It isn’t always convenient to pressure wash your business, or sweep your parking lot during business hours, so we ensure that our availability is flexible to suit your needs.

Top 3 Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing …saves you time.

Without the need to manually scrub with special soaps and scum removers, pressure washing takes all the effort out of the cleaning process.

Pressure Washing …maintains the environment.

previously mentioned soaps and scum removers, it maintains the local drains and keeps them clear of harsh chemicals.

Pressure Washing …adds curb appeal.

As mentioned, having a clean exterior builds trust in potential customers driving by, reflecting that your interior will also be cleanly.

Don’t lose customers to an unsightly building exterior, invest wisely in our Local Pressure Washing Service, and ensure your place of business is being seen in a professional light from the onset.

At Canadian Top Line We Are…

  • bonded and insured
  • members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System trained on health and safety
  • A “green minded” company with our cleaning products

In Addition, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with competitive pricing. For more information about our Pressure Washing Services please contact us by phone at 604-594-1539, or by filling in the contact form on our contact page

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