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Understanding the Benefits of a Janitorial Service

Hiring a capable janitorial service for your school, restaurant, or business, in order to handle all the daily cleaning chores, can truly alleviate a lot of concern and stress.

Dust and dirt can quickly pile up in high-traffic areas, and having children, staff, parents or customers walk through dirty corridors or on stick y restaurant floors, just simply does not make for a pleasant environment.

From cleaning windows and floors, to sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, to emptying smelly garbage cans …hiring a janitorial service that will keep your space clean, can help you retain customers and keep everyone healthy and happy.

Cost Spent vs. Benefits Earned

Although it might seem like an obvious choice to keep a clean workplace, school environment, or commercial workspace, many business owners are reluctant to hire a janitorial service or cleaning company due to the cost involved. But it can actually payoff far beyond your investment, and here’s why…

Clean Environment = Healthy Staff/Students

A cleaning company can better ensure your environment is not only clean, but also sanitized. From light switches, to keyboards, to bathroom stalls, to door handles …all these areas collect bacteria you will want to be rid of in order to ensure your environment is clear of bacteria-transfer. As a cleaning company, we don’t overlook these details.

Clean Environment = Better Efficiency

Working in an environment that is clean and clutter free, truly helps those working within it to be more efficient. A dirty environment creates “mental clutter”; so avoiding that is important in maintaining a productive workflow.

Clean Environment = Positive Appearance

Anyone stepping into your school, place of work or business, should feel impressed by their surrounding, and not be focused on dirt or grime collecting in corners. Keeping your space properly and professionally cleaned simply makes good business sense.

Time is Money

Taking time out of your busy day, or requiring your staff to do so, sometimes costs you more in time than it’s worth. So although hiring a professional cleaning company might require a cleaning budget, it often pays off in saving on your own important time and worry.

So call us at let us know how we can be of service. At Canadian Top Line, we’re always happy to help, and are flexible to work around your schedule and needs!

We would love to help you maintain a healthy environment for your students and staff during the final few months of school, and have your school presentation ready for parents or seasonally prepared for summer!

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