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Year-End School Cleaning

It’s hard to believe that the school season is coming to a close but the truth is – we are quickly approaching the cap and gown time.

Whether you are a private institution that is gearing to close down for the summer months, or a small college operating year-round, a regular cleaning service can benefit your learning centre greatly.

Benefits of a Year-End Cleaning

Although some might think of a “year-end cleaning” as a last day cleanup, it can actually take multiple days – if not weeks – to properly prepare your school for summer and thoroughly clean a year’s worth of student tread. Especially if your school is large, employs many staff members and have a lot of students.

However, by taking a decision to clean up your school before the year draws to an end can have parents who are looking at enrolling or re-enrolling their children in your school, presented with a clean image of your educational institution.

In addition, safeguarding against end-of-year illnesses with a sanitized space can help keep your staff and student body in their seats and finishing out the year in good health.

Keeping your school clean does not simply mean emptying the garbage’s and sweeping the floors. Rather, it is important to make sure that kitchens and bathrooms are properly sanitized, that windows and mirrors are maintained, and that staff rooms are properly scrubbed as well – from the fridge to the dishwasher to the microwave.

At Canadian Top Line, we offer a full range of Janitorial Cleaning Services for all types of learning institutions including: grade schools, colleges and universities. Our hours are flexible and we have the experienced and well-trained employees who will ensure that your school will be cleaned properly on a daily basis.

Our School Cleaning Services include

  • sweeping, mopping and vacuuming accordingly
  • Proper sanitization of tables, desks and counters
  • full kitchen and bathroom cleanup and sanitization
  • trash and recycle upkeep

We would love to help you maintain a healthy environment for your students and staff during the final few months of school, and have your school presentation ready for parents or seasonally prepared for summer!

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