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Clean Start for 2018

It seems we all want a clean start for 2018. Many of us even make New Years resolutions in hopes of creating that fresh start.

For business owners – a clean place of business can be exactly the fresh start they require to begin a productive New Year. And with our Office Cleaning Services covering the Greater Vancouver area including: Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Abbotsford, and more …it might exactly the help you need to turn your lackluster 2017 into a clean start for 2018!

At Canadian Top Line we offer cleaning services that include…

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Healthy Schools, Students and Staff for 2018

Ensuring your school is always at its optimal best – as far as cleanliness is concerned – will better ensure healthy students and staff members throughout the school season.

Retaining your staff without them having to call in regularly for sick days, helps to minimize the cost of bringing in additional help, and also keeps the kids on track with their studies.

Similarly, ensuring your student body is largely healthy and attending class daily, will keep the students on track with their work, and ensure they are developing the required education set out by the provincial government.

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Implementing Recycling Programs In Your Organization

As we mentioned in our last blog post, having a recycling program in place for your school, restaurant, or place of business, can save your organization both time and money in the long-run …in addition to helping the environment. So here are some helpful and efficient ways to implement a “Reduce Reuse Recycle” program.


By setting your printers and photocopiers to print on both sides of a sheet of paper, you literally cut your paper trail in half.

By implementing online billing you eliminate a paper trail altogether.

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Effective Recycling Practices for Your Organization

Most, if not nearly all, organizations are part of a recycling program. This group effort to keep our planet free of unnecessary waste, is an important collective decision. However, if you are finding that your staff or students still struggle with the concept, we thought we could provide you with some helpful tips!

Recycling Office Supplies

Along with the general recycling of kitchen waste products, ensuring your school, office or restaurant has positive practices surrounding reducing paper consumption, reusing office supplies (such as paper that would normally get tossed), and ensuring your toner cartridges are being returned to your provider …are all important added steps in being an eco friendly organization.

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The Office Kitchen and “The Dishwasher”

The dishwasher is often a point of contention in an office or school environment. The rules of who should fill it and who should empty it – is often left as a grey area. But regardless of who maintains the dishes going in and out of it, cleaning the office dishwasher should not be an area that is ignored.

Cleaning and maintaining your office dishwasher will ensure its longevity, and also ensure that the dishes are being cleaned properly. And we understand it might seem “ironic” that you need to clean an appliance used to clean, but the fact of the matter is – you do.

Dishwashers, if left unattended, can become grimy, dirty, and ineffective. Your dishwasher can become clogged with grease that has hardened, grime that is being sprayed onto your dishes, and bits of food that are simply not being washed down the drain.

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The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Whether in your home or office, maintaining your carpeted area is an important part to keeping allergens at bay.

From vacuuming regularly, to deep cleaning bi-annually, your carpets should not go without the due care and attention they require. Even though you might not see the dirt as readily as you would on vinyl or hardwood, it’s still there – lurking in the underbelly fibers of your carpets.

Dust, dirt, dander, bacteria, hair – both of the human and pet variety – and a host of other allergens, reside within your carpet layers. So the simple solution …clean them regularly!

Keeping your carpets clean is not beneficial only for health reasons, but a dirty looking carpet may also convey the wrong image about your business, causing potential clients and customers to choose a “cleaner” company.

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Minimizing School Odor

Learning centers big or small, private or public, elementary, middle or high school …all tend to have an odor. Today, yesterday and tomorrow …that smell has been fairly consistent throughout the ages, and reducing or eliminating it has seemed impossible when it comes to school odors.

Eliminating odors sometimes means irradiating the germs that come along with those orders. From carpets to tile floors, garbage disposals to desktops …a thorough and regular cleaning can minimize the scent, rid your school of the bacteria, and transform the overall odor at your place of learning.

How to Minimize Odor

Opening a window is not always an option in a school setting, especially in the chilly months. But if the weather allows,

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Where the Germs Grow In Your Office

Germs and bacteria are not things we like to think about growing in our midst, but there are common areas where these things tend to multiply, and we wanted to share where those are in order to keep your workplace a more sanitary sanctuary.

At Canadian Top Line, we offer cleaning services in Surrey, and solutions to keep your corporate space clean in-between visits. Here are some areas you might want to take extra care with, and precautions around.

Faucets & Sinks

As you can imagine, the bathroom is not a sanitary place, but surprisingly – neither is the kitchen! If you have a common area kitchen,

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Top Pressure Washing Benefits

Professional Pressure Washing can increase the curb appeal of your place of business exponentially.

With a squeaky clean exterior, you can better attract customers looking for your product or service. If potential customers pulling into your place of business can trust the look of your company from the outside, they are sure to venture inside.

At Canadian Top Line, we provide pressure washing and sweeping in the Lower Mainland, for your business parking lot or company exterior walls. We ensure that all areas are left spotless and clear of debris, and provide daily, weekly, or monthly pressure washing and sweeping services at all hours of the day.

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Office Cleaning Benefits

Office cleaning is one of the many essential services we offer. We feel that, a clean working environment will result in more product staff …and more productive staff means your bottom dollar is always improving.

The fact is, the cleanliness of your office and workspace says a lot about your business. So whether you require daily, weekly or monthly office cleaning, Canadian Top Line Ltd provides it.

We take great pride in the services we offer, and ensure that we provide you with reliable and honest employees who go above an beyond in order to keep our customers 100% satisfied.

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